kirsten-riddle asked:
my dad and i are going vegan for a week. we are also going to get up at 6 and go for a walk every moring! im so excited to try it out and maybe even become vegan!! you are a massive inspiration to me! keep being beutiful xxxxxxxxxxxx

OMG even if you struggle, don’t like it or slip up.. That’s still such an incredible thing to do for your body, the planet and the animals for just a week 💛💛💛

byoo-tuh-fuhls asked:
"What you see around you is a reflection of yourself." Thought you might like it xo

Seriously so so true x

youpassed asked:
hey you should do the myers-briggs personality test, it would be so interesting to see your personality type!

Ohhh okay ill google if now and answer it below in a second!

Okay couldn’t find your one.. But I did the first thing that popped up! Turns out I’m 60% intuitive and my career should be self help and awareness teaching hahaha
s-prouting asked:
Hey essena, what kinds of food do you plan on taking to school? Like how will you consume smoothies etc and how will you fit all this fruit in your bag?

I usually just take a huge bag of grapes, or a huge container of pineapple, or a 5 or so bananas for first break and like 10 dates for second break.

Yeah I look weird and people probably think I’m crazy.. Haha but anytime someone makes a comment I just smile and laugh, act relaxed. Seriously if you don’t care what they think, they won’t even care after a while! X

c-attoos asked:
Your picture with you wearing the boob tshirt has 134k notes Essena 😲

Boobs sell ;) GAHAH

coconut-bee asked:
I had a similar experience with vegan pizza! I ordered a whole pie to myself of vegan vegetable filled pizza and finished it all without feeling tired and sick while the rest of my family (3 people) couldn't even finish a regular cheese pizza without wanting to barf. It's amazing that people don't realize you actually aren't supposed to feel sick and overstuffed after a meal

Amen sister xx

fitnessandhealthforgirls asked:
Your skin still looks so clear in all your pictures though! Do you wear makeup? Also do you experience bloating from your food intake? xoxo

If you zoom in you’ll see it doesn’t! It’s like lots of tiny red marks. When taken on my iPhone it kind of blurs out!

When I went to Melb I wore foundation most days, but I’ve hardly been wearing it now :)

xgoodbyeapathyx asked:
hi I just wanted to say and thank you for how much you inspire me :) I'm currently watching Vegucated!

Loveee it x

sportsbrasandsweat asked:

Life is good ;) EAT THE WHOLE PIZZA. 8 slices of gluten free, no cheese has roughly the same amount of calories as 2 meat lovers pieces!

YAY for abundance x

my-lifee-my-storyyy asked:
Hey essena! Mind explaining the 80-10-10 diet... I'm thinking about and wanting to go vegan!!

Buy book and thank me later ;)

jordiebaby101 asked:
Happy Easter you beautiful human being xx

Right back to you!

watchrachgetfit asked:
hi essena! i was wondering if you have lost your period since becoming vegan? sorry if that is too personal I'm just curious!

Normal cycle :)


the-taste-of-the-ocean asked:
has your hair grown faster or became healthier and stronger since going vegan? xo

Hair has grown so so so much faster!!!!
Definitely seeing the benefits of 80/10/10 in fitness as well xx

watchrachgetfit asked:
essena, i have never been so upset in my life. i just finished watching earthlings, my eyes and throat are swollen from crying so hard. even though i have been vegetarian for 4 years and i always told myself that was "good enough" it absolutely isn't any longer. because of you i am now going VEGAN! I AM SO EXCITED TO START THIS JOURNEY AND I AM SO THANKFUL I FOUND YOU. thank you with all my heart essena oneill. you are one of the most beautiful earthlings.

💛💚💛💚💛 happiest, scariest, angriest, but most rewarding, peaceful and beautiful moment it was when I too discovered the truth x