surfing-waves-catching-flames asked:
If you don't mind me asking, do you eat all of the fruit and salad at school or do you have leftover?

Ate it allllll x

self-reliance-is-the-key asked:
Essena thank you so much! I've always been really self-critical and so on, but since becoming vegan (with you as inspiration) I have been doing so much better. Old me would have criticised old me for eating animal products and I would have blamed myself for being so uneducated. Now, I just think, hey it's okay, I can't change that, but look what a great job I'm doing now! Thanks for inspiring me to look at things so differently and not berate myself every time I fall x

So amazing, self acceptance is just the best thing you can do for your future and this planet’s. When you accept you are willing to make clear choices x

glassc0ffins asked:
Surely it must be so difficult when you go to normal restaurants trying to order vegan food? They often have the V sign for vegetarian but vegan must be hard to find xx

Surprisingly not! You just ask them to tweak most the dishes! Nearly always the curries are vegan without meat! 💛

romesruins asked:
Hey babe at a little moral dilemma here, you inspired me to become vegan but when my granny passed away she left me her real fur coat from the 40's I hate owning fur but it's the last thing I have of her, what should I do? Also thank you for helping me become the best version of myself

This is something only you can decide. There is no right or wrong thing to do in this situation.
You can keep the fur coat if the animal skin doesn’t bother you.. Or you can choose to give it away to someone who needs the warmth.. Maybe in it’s place you could write your grandma a letter. Keep it in your room somewhere safe, make it an empowering, uplifting letter. Tell her your wildest dreams. Make her passing a natural part of your life, let her death remind you of your short time here on earth.

Now you can place meaning in a thoughtful letter not the dead skin of an animal?

^^ that’s totally just my opinion. If that coat provides some kind of emotional comfort, making you stable.. Keep it. It is your choice. Make one that feels light inside of you xx

yungbored asked:
hahaha, someone on your most recent instagram post wrote "Oh what do u believe in illuminatti ?!?"

It’s hilarious because I’m such a conspiracist now hahaha

b-each-soul asked:
omg I am obsessed with bananas, apparently there was a banana famine in the 1950's!! I would have died! hahahaha xxxx

Ohhhh wow that would have sucked for fruitiarians x

t-ea asked:
Thanks for answering. I recieved 80/10/10 (and 'would you eat your cat' haha) for my birthday. Can't wait to read more about it and transition from vegetarianism to veganism xx

Great reads!!

fadedhaircolors asked:
Are you positive that the gluten free pizza base is vegan? I have heard most gluten free items contain egg? I would be so excited if it was vegan!

Apparently dominos is different across the world… My one was vegan x

essenaoneillfanpage asked:
Are you ever afraid that your vegan or raw diet will come in the way of marriage and love? Just curious, sorry to be so nosy.

Hahah nooo?! I feel like it will now attract the right person who will see me for me :) x